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Caught Being Good Winners!

Congratulations to these "Caught Being Good" winners!! Thank you for exhibiting our learner profiles in a positive way for all to see!! Y'ALL ROCK!

8th Graders Completing Their Civic Duty

8th grade TSA students researched what presidential candidate they most aligned with yesterday in class, and then today they were able to complete their civic duty by participating in a mock election. Winner to TBA!

Temple PD Canine Unit Makes A Visit

Temple Police Canine unit to come out to celebrate Red Ribbon Week. Our students were able to learn about the Canine Unit as well as to watch him in action. The students even got to pet him.

Red Ribbon Week Simulator

Office Mitchell has brought the simulator goggles and the driving simulator for the students to experience during Red Ribbon Week. Student put on goggles to simulate impaired walking, then put on the goggles and experienced impaired driving. He also had some students simulate texting while driving.
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