Students and Teacher of the Month Announced


Sixth Grade Winner:  Cyrus Allen

Cyrus showed he is a THINKER by picking up pencils throughout the school and providing them to students in his classes that have no pencil, a very creative idea that helped other students on campus.


Seventh Grade Winner:  Daphne Cowley

Daphne has improved her efforts in classes by always asking questions, and trying learn the “why” about everything;.  She has truly been an INQUIRER, constantly seeking new ideas to learn.


Eighth Grade Winner:  Randle Killingworth

Randle demonstrated he is PRINCIPLED when he saw money fall out of a man’s pocket at a THS football game, picked it up and gave it back, and the man did not even know it was gone.


Teacher:  Mr. Durham

Even through Mr. Durham has only been at Travis a short amount of time he truly exhibits the characteristics of working in an IB school and sets the example for his fellow teachers and his students.