Travis Staff gets Pinned!

Ms. Carter shared a touching story about her sister and when she received her Nursing pin.  Ms. Carter read the story behind the pinning of nurses and related that story to the faculty and staff of Travis Science Academy and all of the hard work that went into becoming an IB World School.  The Administrative Team then called each department up and pinned us all with an IB pin.  Staff enjoyed spending time together and refreshments.
Several teachers have been at Travis since they began the journey of becoming an IB World School.  When asked what it meant to them to be a part of this journey, one teacher shared, "Four years ago when this began we were all asked to attend an MYP training at Temple High School.  In the beginning, we were lost and confused.  As time has progressed we have learned just as much as our students.  Looking back now, I realize that we were apprehensive because of the fear of the unknown and what we would expect.  It hasn't always been easy.  We have put in many hours of training, collaborating and developing plans that will not only push our students to think outside the box but to become better citizens and we (teachers) have been pushed outside of our comfort zones.  As with anything new, there were days that some of us thought we couldn't do it anymore.  Then, came the children.  To watch that first group of 6th graders develop over those three years they were at TSA and watch the way they changed in the way they thought about their work and about the world around them changed many of us.  Not only did they embrace the challenges we set before them but they thrived.  In their victories we found the strength we needed to keep going and keep pushing.  We have become a stronger staff and we have become a close knit family here at Travis.  Becoming an IB World School sets us apart and we find that we rely on each other as much as our students rely on us.  After our dedication earlier this week one of my students came back into the room and was soon leading the others in a chant, 'We are...Travis IB!'  I think that pretty much says it all."