Girl's Choir Sings at IB Dedication Ceremony

When speaking with Choir Direct, Ms. Paula Knight, she had these kind words to say.  "Back in February our girls were given the challenge of changing the lyrics to "For the First in Forever" from Frozen for our Authorization visit when we were going through the process of becoming an authorized IB World School.  Recently they took on the task a second time a wrote a second song just for our dedication ceremony today.  They are the only middle school choir to sing the National Anthem for school events in the area.  They are an auditioned group of 7th and 8th grade students who also serve as ambassadors from our school to the community by singing at various places and events around the city.  This group of young ladies are always quick to volunteer for service around our school, such as they did today with greeting our visitors, serving cake and water, and holding the doors open to the building.  To me, they really exemplify the Learner Profile characteristics we teach here at TSA.  I'm proud of them and they are a joy to work with!"
Congratulations to our Girl's Choir and their Choir Direction on a job well done!