Mr. Duran Wows the Crowd!

When we asked Mr. Duran to share about his experience this is what he had to say:
"In between performances Mr. Guy Forsyth came to our band hall during class to see our band students in action.  I was demonstrating certain performance passages to students when he entered the classroom.  At the conclusion of class, we discussed the Travis Band Program and I was informing Mr. Forsyth about all of our recent successes.  He invited me to play with his duo for the 7th and 8th grade performance and I happily accepted.  We did not rehearse anything as there was not time to do so.  I didn't know the song they were playing, and Mr. Forsyth did not know me, personally or professionally.  Mr. Forsyth just told me that we are in the key of C and will will modulate to will know when it happens.  This was all set up in a matter of seconds before the bass player kicked up the bass line.
I thought it was a great experience to be able to show our students, especially our band students, that the music-making process can be fun and exciting.  Students were able to witness improvisation in its most raw form.  Musicians, unbeknownst to one another, were sharing the stage for the first time and creating a unique performance experience.  There is a lot of practice and hard work that goes into the process leading up to that moment of creativity.  But, based on the techniques learned through my band classes and musical training since 6th grade, you have to take everything you know and almost forget it all so you can open yourself up to play from the heart. 
It was a unique experience that I am glad I was able to share with 400 of my closest friends in the Travis Gym.  I hope they enjoyed the moment as much as I did."

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