Students and Teacher of the Month Announced

6th Grade Winner:  Brittany Garcia
Brittany was described as a quiet student but her actions spoke loudly in November.  She took the time to help a fellow student with challenges complete tasks in class without being asked.  Brittany showed that she was caring in assisting others because it is the right thing to do.
7th Grade Winner:  Citlally Hernanadez Avila
Citlally seems to be taking on the world.  In addition to playing sports and cheer-leading, she has taken on the challenge of Pre-AP/IB 7th Grade math, moving up from regular 6th grade math.  She has demonstrated balance in her challenges at Travis.
8th Grade Winner:  Joe Jennings
Volunteering to stay after school to assist a teacher in cleaning her room is just one of the actions Joe demonstrated caring.  He has helped students when they are having bad days, encouraging them to do their best despite the daily challenges.  He is always there to assist students in after school tutoring.
Teacher:  Ms. Landeros
Ms. Landeros always maintains a positive attitude, even on those challenging days.  She always has an open ear and words of wisdom for those that will listen.  She truly demonstrates caring among the staff.