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Mustangs of the Month » Staff Members of the Month OCTOBER

Staff Members of the Month OCTOBER

JEREMY DAVENPORT 7th Grade Math Teacher
In demonstrating the MYP Standard of PHILOSOPHY, Mr. Davenport has become a valued member of the Travis staff through his unique connection with students. He always goes the extra miles during special theme days, whether dressing up like Santa or the human highlighter. Mr. Davenport always has a smile on his face, and goes the extra mile to make connections with students, even it means making a fool of himself. When students are difficult, he remains positive and patient. Congratulations to Mr. Davenport!

RYAN JOHNSON Community in Schools Director
As the Communities in Schools coordinator, Mr. Johnson embodies the MYP characteristic of ORGANIZATION. He goes out of his way to assist with any aspect of the programme, establishing yearly events like the Share and Care Food Drive, and assisting with needs to accommodate staff members. He encourages students to reach their potential and has become a face for Travis within the Temple community. Mr. Johnson is quick to calm upset students down; many tears have been shed in his office, and he makes sure that our students and their families are taken care of. Congratulations to Mr. Johnson!
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