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Mustangs of the Month » Students of the Month OCTOBER

Students of the Month OCTOBER

Sixth Grade Winner: PHILLIP DURAN
The Learner Profile characteristics help students to become better world learners. Phillip is one of those students. He is CARING to other students, showing empathy to those having challenges and tries to help them through their problems. With a positive attitude, Phillip tries his best to always do what is right.

Seventh Grade Winner: JOSE FAZ
Jose shows he is PRINCIPLED every day. When he found cash on the floor of one of his classes, he sought out the teacher and made sure he returned it. He is always ready to step up to redirect students in class that are having trouble following the rules or focusing, and he does it in a positive way. His maturity in class, according to one his teachers, is an inspiration for other students.

Eighth Grade Winner: JAZMINE GUZMAN
Jazmine demonstrates that she is an INQUIRER every day in RTI class. With an emphasis in improving the school’s reading skills, Jazmine works hard every day to work on the computer, even when it is boring. She asks questions to gain insight and knowledge, and her scores have shown steady improvement since she started the course.