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Mustangs of the Month » Students of the Month SEPTEMBER

Students of the Month SEPTEMBER

September MYP Students of the Month:

Sixth Grade Winner: KATON JIMENEZ
Katon has worked hard to master and demonstrate the MYP Learner Profile characteristics. Since the start of school, he has shown that he is CARING by being helpful to other students and teachers in the classroom. He offers tutoring to other students when he finishes his work, and displays good manners in the classroom.

The Learner Profile characteristics help students to become better world learners. Xochiti is one of those students. She is CARING to other students, showing empathy to those having challenges and tries to help them through their problems. She also displays a positive attitude even when others around her do not.

Eighth Grade Winner: CALEB GRANT
Doing the right thing is not always easy, especially in the tough years of Middle School. When he discovered that another student left money on his desk, Caleb tracked the student down in the lunchroom and returned the money. Through his actions, Caleb demonstrated that he is a PRINCIPLED student who will always to the right thing.
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