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Students of the Month JANUARY

Sixth Grade Winner: TREVOR SKAGGS
Trevor is a great COMMUNICATOR. Trevor was noted in his nomination for doing a wonderful job creating a video slide show using WeVideo that was really effective in communication in a well-paced, illustrated, and organized manner. Using the Approaches to Learning for presenting information in an organized manner, he effectively used all given tools to communicate his research.

Seventh Grade Winner: SEAN CLARY
Sean has always been a great THINKER. He always offers to help teachers and other students. He often takes on extra work without complaint. He is willing to challenge himself with higher-level activities just to make sure he is preparing for the rigor and challenge of his assignments and tests. He also volunteers to tutor other students who need help. He does his best to accomplish his goals for the intrinsic reward, not a grade.

Eighth Grade Winner: KENDALL WASHBURN
In demonstrating that she is CARING, Kendall is the type of student that is always looking to help her friends. Recently, a student was upset about an incident involving a fellow student. The student was crying in need of someone to listen to her. Kendall, who is a student aide up front, came back and listened to the student. She helped the student to calm down and realize that the student just needed to be a friend. Her example shows how much she is caring to others.
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