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Mustangs of the Month » Staff Members of the Month DECEMBER

Staff Members of the Month DECEMBER

DEBBIE LEE Principal Secretary
Mrs. Debbie is the MOM of our whole school. In demonstrating the MYP Philosophy of ORGANIZATION, she loves on our staff and students, demonstrating her tireless hard work, willingness to stop her busy day to listen and help others, and her unique ability to meet the needs of the staff and students at a moments’ notice. Whether it’s a quick snack for a hungry child, or those last minute sub positions to fill. Debbie Lee works confidently, with integrity and selflessness. We know she doesn’t seek this kind of recognition, but Travis owes her a great debt of gratitude. Congratulations Mrs. Lee!

STEPHEN GIBSON Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Coordinator
Demonstrating the MYP characteristic of PHILOSOPHY, Coach Gibson comes to work with a professional, positive attitude and is a team player willing to assist not only students but staff members as well. He is extremely conscientious as he carries out his responsibilities as Travis Athletic Coordinator. Coach Gibson demonstrates a high commitment to making things better for our teams and Travis as a whole. When a new teacher accidentally locked a cabinet the wrong way, Coach Gibson located a set of large bolt cutters and came to the rescue. Congratulations Coach Gibson!
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