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Mustangs of the Month » Staff Members of the Month NOVEMBER

Staff Members of the Month NOVEMBER

KIMBERLY DEMAREE Visual Arts Teacher
Always on the lookout to make MYP connections in her classroom, Ms. Demaree has fully embraced the MYP Philosophy. Walking through her classroom, students and visitors see the MYP Units of Inquiry on full display; her assignments connect to the approaches to learning, and she effectively incorporates the Process Journal within her tasks. She is committed to exposing her students to a world view and allows them the freedom to explore how their learning is affected by various views they are encouraged to express. Congratulations to Mrs. Demaree!

JULIA GAMINO Language Acquisition Teacher
Demonstrating the MYP characteristic of ORGANIZATION, Mrs. Gamino has adapted well to Travis. Jumping into a totally new system of teaching is difficult for even veteran teachers. When Mrs. Gamino was moved to Travis last year, she had to adjust to the MYP way of teaching. She has done an outstanding job of building MYP units of Inquiry, and constantly models the programme. She is quick to volunteer her time to help build the MYP Culture and has led successful 8th Grade Community Projects as a supervisor. She has embraced MYP quickly. Congratulations Mrs. Gamino!
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