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Students of the Month DECEMBER

Sixth Grade Winner: NESTOR OLALDE
Our December winner is Nestor Olalde, who was nominated for being a good COMMUNICATOR. In school, he is always following instructions, works hard on his assignments and respects his teachers. He asks questions and participates in class by thinking outside the box. Other students benefit from his communication as they are able to the information they need to learn

Seventh Grade Winner: JALEN WARDALE
Jalen was nominated for being BALANCED. He shows great leadership qualities, often taking the lead in his classroom activities to help others find information, or just practicing a skill to get it right, he shows his passion about his education and athletics. He works with others to help them with their own issues, and is a role model for good behavior both in and out of the classroom.

Sereniti Patterson is one of loudest supporters at Travis athletic events., In demonstrating that she is CARING about other students, Sereniti is always at every athletic event cheering and supporting her friends to make them feel cared for. She also encourages others in the crowd to cheer on and congratulate the players, no matter how well they played. She puts other people’s feelings ahead of her own and wants to instill confidence in others.
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